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Light is the soul of photography...

Artist Statement

Fancy words for explaining why I love to spend time seeking out, hiking to and photographing beautiful places (often with amazing people that share that love of exploration).  I've had the great fortune of spending time in some of the most photogenic places on the planet.  Natures variety and sheer raw beauty is why we go - and what I hope to capture and share.  Increasingly these beautiful places are getting overrun, over peopled, over Instagram'd and carelessly (sometimes intentionally) damaged. So you do what you can to share in a non-destructive way, encourage others to go for the right reason and to leave things as they were when you arrived.  

Friends know of my passion for our National Parks - they are one of our nations most prized protectorates.  If you are so inclined - click here (National Parks Homepage) & leave a little grace to support keeping them beautiful in our lifetime and for future generations who deserve to see what has inspired generational photographers to get out, stay out and capture their beauty.


Why Rock and Light?

Mostly because it seems fitting for many of the photos I take - lots of nature and light, so it just felt right.  If you like a photo you see, I'm happy to work with you on getting it printed and ready for your space.  I use the best printers for the type of media (acrylic, metal, paper), size and scale.  I've printed 5"x7" paper prints and 5'x7' on stretched canvas.  I also do custom architectural (interior and exterior) work - you can see examples of my work in the architectural tab above.  Thanks for visiting.

Prints for Home and Office

We can work with you to select the best fit of print type, style and mounting based on your setting.  We use the best printers available for art quality prints on paper, acrylic or metal.

Architectural and People Session

Please contact us to schedule a customized session for shooting your space, you, your people or family.  Pricing includes edited photos, ready for your specific needs.


"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks."

John Muir